Our History
La Ferme

The story of Rians is that of a small family farm from the early twentieth century. It has gradually become a brand associated with shared pleasure and love of taste.

1901: it all began with Désiré and Francine, the great-grand-parents, who owned Petereau Farm, in the village of Rians (where the company stills resides). Thereafter, their knowledge was passed on from generation to generation.

En 1952, Hubert Triballat tried a huge gamble by setting up a small dairy. Assisted by three employees, he collects cow’s and goat’s milk from the surrounding farms, manufactures the cheeses and supplies the markets in the Berry area.


Between 1955 and 1965 owing to the quality of their products, Rians expand and offer a wide range of cheeses: Crottin de Chavignol and of course the now famous "Faisselle" ... Success is here!
1965, the limited company Dairies Laiteries H. Triballat was born.

1966, the “Faisselle” makes it to Paris! From now begins its real success. That year a renowned Paris cheese maker spends a few days in Sancerre and discovers the “Faisselle” on the market: "I must have it!” This is how these delicious fresh soft cheeses make their appearance in the capital. Not easy at first! They were ladled into their mould in the early hours of the morning, put in tubs to keep their humidity, delivered during the night to the cheese shops and sold in the same day!


En 1970, the workforce rose to 200 people! More products are created including the famous "Roulé" Garlic and Herbs.

Rians have also developed - around the famous Crottin de Chavignol - a range of AOC cheeses with the acquisition of dairies which remain in their region of origin: Rocamadour, Picodon, Selles sur Cher, Valençay, Epoisses...


1978, the company is gradually entering the large retail market; it now employs 300 people and grows by taking over several dairies in France. By doing so, Rians increase the amount of milk collected and acquire new skills.

1980, Rians started exporting to Germany, Benelux and the UK, thanks to the "Roulé" cheese in particular.

1992: while enjoying a home-made crème brûlée at the end of a family meal, Hugues Triballat has an idea: “Rians, now it's cheeses and desserts!”. The Crème Brûlée is the first of a long list of fresh Rians desserts with the Fondant, the Île Flottante, the Café Onctueux, always prepared with simple ingredients and as natural as possible, without colourings or preservatives.


En 2004 the group has 1,300 employees (including 800 on the Rians site) and collects 140 million litres of milk per year.

2006: Rians acquire Laura Chenel, a pioneer and a leading producer of artisanal goat’s cheese in the U.S. based in California.

2009: Rians acquire Goshua, a dairy located in the Spanish Pyrenees and specialising in high-quality desserts.

2011: Rians acquire Marin French Cheese, the oldest cheese manufacturer still in operation in the United States, specialized in the cows cheeses (Brie, Camembert,...).

2012: Rians opened its doors to visitors to celebrate its 111th anniversary!